Youth for Africa

Empowering Youth to effect Changes in their Nations 

We achieve this through our Human Rights and leadership Programs, Innovation and Technology Programs, Entrepreneurship program and Our SDGs Knowledge program


Time to effect changes in our nations. Empowerment for Generations


We move beyond our reach to explore potentials & Impact more lives


Performing Checks on the impact of empowerment on the project in Youth Inclusion



To elaborate a pathway for Youths’ involvement in realizing the significance of sustainable development goals to create inclusive social structures.



To empower Youth to become change makers through leadership, entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and Human rights advocacy.

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To inspire elimination of generational prejudice by considering the importance of technology and its wide implementations in society as a largely social and economic system by exerting its efforts in generating appropriate solutions for action.

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Core Values

Our core values include:

  •  Ethics & Integrity

  • Agility & Responsibility

  • Commitment and Partnerships

  • Coherence

  • Innovation/Creativity

  • Inclusion and Diversity 

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About Us


Youth For Africa was started in 2017 as Uganda Youth Entrepreneurship Program (UYEP) whose primary purpose was to seek for solutions of the problems affecting youth in Uganda with the limited resources in their communities. Furthermore, youth where trained on different skills which included Book making, among others. During this period, unemployment was the major problem affecting the youth.
Due to insufficient funds and failure of the program to pickup given limited support, it came to a standstill in 2018 and 2019, we sought it wise to resume the program given the hardships youth around Africa are experiencing.
Over the years, the narrative of Unemployment has continued, and as Youth for Africa (Y4Africa), in a quest to eradicate poverty among fellow youth, we have redesigned the program to suit the changing trends of employment which include skills development i.e. vocational training among others.
This program is aimed at empowering and developing the skills of youth so as to become self-sustainable in their communities, and further more task them to learn new skills as well as becoming innovative over time.
The target group is the marginalized group of youth as well as fresh graduates and Undergraduate university students seeking to expand their careers in other skills related fields.  

Youth for Africa  aims at refocusing the minds and ideologies of young people towards finding solutions to the existing problems within their societies, and by so doing, the youth are able to rediscover their potentials in regards to what they visualize their society to be like. We do this by giving the young people a platform to express themselves and air out their opinions with matters that regards to their development and development of their societies. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we hope to perform checks on whether the young people are living up to the goals of the United Nations, and solve problems around communities with the above goals.
We believe that through the use of the little available resources we have within our societies, we can champion local innovation and develop new technology to solve problems currently faced by young people.
With Entrepreneurship at the frontline, we hope to champion empowerment among youth in Africa and change the narrative of white collar to blue collar skills development. We also aspire to be the champions in creating awareness among young people through our programs that are geared at developing and building the capacity of young people within Africa. 



    In a quest to eradicate poverty among fellow youth, we have redesigned the program to soot the changing trends of employment which include skills development i.e. vocational training among others.


    Human Rights & leadership program

    "To promotes human rights and social welfare to facilitate change and sustainable development in Africa and to deepen critical research for a comprehensive social strategy"

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    Technology & Innovation program

    "To create and manage youth initiatives as a premier inspiration platforms, Education and Research on social innovation"

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    Entreprenuership program

    “A society in which youth are self-reliant, economically literate and financially knowledgeable”

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    Volunteers Program

    “To engage, empower and task youth to step up and become peer influencers as regards to transformation of their societies and equipping them with the rightful training to be able to Achieve this objective”

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    0ur Engagements

    Youth Engagement forum 2021

    The International Youth Day (IYD) is an annual and United Nations supported celebration of the role of young people as partners in change and an opportunity to raise awareness of challenges and problems facing youth, recognizing youth across the globe and empowering the world’s youth to make positive contributions to their communities and nations.

    The Youth engagement Forum (YEF) is a multistakeholder engagement group for policy dialogue on issues of youth engagement. It brings together all stakeholders in a youth engagement debate, whether they represent governments, the private sector or civil society, including the technical and academic community, on an equal basis and through an open and inclusive process.

    Global theme: Transforming Food Systems: Youth innovation for human and planetary health’’
    Forum theme: Climate Action and other complimentary SDGs: synergies for healthier foods for a better planet”   

    Youth engagement is key to the transformation of food systems, and as such, has been incorporated into all Summit work streams and structures. The success of such a global effort will not be achieved without the meaningful participation of young people. Consumption patterns that impact one’s personal health and that of the planet are instilled early in life.


    International Youth Day 2021

    The Youth Engagement Forum(YEF) 2021 is a forum that brings together all Youth led organizations across Africa to discuss and find solutions to the challenges facing Africa and further more implement and inform policy makers of the findings of the forum. This is done in commemoration of the International Youth Day celebrated every 12th August, and is celebrated annually around the world by young people. Youth for Africa calls upon all  organizations in the ecosystem to join in commemoration of this remarkable virtual event.

    International Women's Day 2021

    “Women's full and effective participation and decision-making in public life, as well as the elimination of violence, for achieving gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls”, and the flagship Generation Equality campaign, which calls for women’s right to decision making in all areas of life, equal pay, equal sharing of unpaid care and domestic work, an end all forms of violence against women and girls, and health-care services that respond to their needs. Women stand at the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis, as health care workers, caregivers, innovators etc.

     International Youth Day 2020

    As youth for Africa, we managed to organize the Teenage Pregnancy Campaign that saw many Youth in Africa come out to speak against teenage pregnancy in their various countries. We did not do this alone, we managed to involve a couple of Youth led organizations across Africa and partnered with them as we stood together in solidarity to speak out against teenage pregnancy. This campaign showed that there is need for need for more awareness about teenage pregnancy to members of the communities. The intervention of local leaders and authorities when it comes to addressing matters regards to teenage pregnancy was very poor.



    Catch up with some of the ground breaking events ever taken by youth for Africa


    Youth for Africa is comprised of a team of dedicated and committed Young leaders currently manning activities within the organization, these include;
    Founder & Executive Director

    Mr Lucky Jimmy Boroa

    Co-Founder & Country Coordinator Uganda

    Mr Kayonga Hakim

    Country Coordinator Kenya

    Ms Kering Cynthia

    Country Coordinator Tanzania

    Mr Godfrey Kisili Bwana

    Programs Coordinator 

    Mr Kabuye Daniel

    Human Resource Officer

    Ms Busingye Bridget

    Administrative officer

    Ms Tino Sharon

    Ambaassadors Coordinator

    Ms Eileen Nafula

    Accounts & Head Entrepreneurship

    Ms Nabwami Robinah

    Graphics & Design

    Mr Peter Alphonso


    Mr Zein Sylvester

    Social Media Guru

    Ms Winnifred Acan

    Join our Team


    This is the initial stage of getting into Y4Africa. This stage, Checks the competence of our volunteers, there capabilities, their strength, resilience and selflessness in commitment to the aims and objectives of the organization.
    Our Volunteers are subjected to trainings in different areas such as human rights, leadership, Innovation, entrepreneurship as well as Technology 


    • volunteers will be placed in working groups according to their fields of interest and departments where they be oriented accordingly.
      They will also be placed in groups and given topics to brain storm upon, the best groups will be posted on our social media platforms and move to the next stage of becoming and Ambassador. 



    • These are ambassadors who wish to participate in selected programs of the organization, directly or indirectly.
      They will be entitled to attend our networking dinners, will receive collard T-shirts, an ambassador guide book and will also help in fundraising and identifying opportunities for the organization. These will pay a fee of Ugx100,000 (USD 30) to support the programs of the ambassadors.
      They will also feature on our Social Media pages 



    • These are ambassadors who simply wish to support the organization without directly participating in its activities.
      They will be entitled to attend our networking dinners, receive a badge of the organization, a Collard T-Shirt, a guide book of the ambassadors, and will help in fundraising and Identifying of activities and opportunities for the organization.
      These will pay a fee of 300,000 Ugx (USD100) to the organization to support the activities of the organization. 


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    Currently, We have our presence in 3 countries which include Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania. We are looking forward to traverse the whole of Africa.

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